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Is There Something Wrong With Me?

14 Jan

90% –okay, like, 95%–of people annoy the living shit out of me. I’m trying not to be so easily irritated, but they make it so difficult.

Also, too, I used the term “also, too” without any irony last night. At least I was drunk?


9 Nov

I’ve seen brief discussions of the huge gap in wealth between young and old at a couple of other blogs, but I thought I’d weigh in because I Write Shit Sometimes. Occasionally.

As a cusp-y Gen Xer and politically-aware pessimist, I’ve been aware for some time that the traditional American Dream was probably going to be unachievable for me, even though I’m middle class and white. I figured that if people ten years older than me were being called “slackers” because they weren’t going to be as financially successful as their parents, the “you’re fucked” ball was already rolling and it was going to be difficult to stop, especially since demographics aren’t on our side.  What infuriates me is that people my age and younger have had FUCK ALL TO DO WITH creating the  policies and economic conditions that have created such a large wealth gap between younger and older people.

People 65 and older established their careers and bought homes during times when pensions, strong unions, cheap higher education, and affordable housing actually existed. These same people (along with Baby Boomers*) elected Ronald Reagan the year that I was born, setting off a cascade of lower taxes and deregulation, effectively destroying the conditions that allowed them to obtain steady jobs with living wages at the beginning of their careers. They reaped all of the benefits of lower taxes without any of the risks.

Now that they’re older, they still support “small government” and the “free market” and lower taxes EXCEPT when it comes to Medicare and Social Security. I’m anti-throwing Granny out on the street (I love my granny!), but that level of self-absorption is fucking breathtaking, especially when we’re being told to suck it up and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.**

I don’t dispute that older people have worked hard for what they have. I don’t feel entitled to anything. I don’t envy their wealth. I do, however, envy their opportunities–opportunities that aren’t available to me, my cousins, my brothers, and my friends because of the shithole banana repbulic they’ve helped to create.


*I have quite a bit resentment towards Baby Boomers, too (take up all the cultural air much, fuckers?), but at least they aren’t content to let the world burn and they do let us live in their basements.

**Some of the comments on the stories I’ve read are typical conservative kids get off my lawn bullshit, but my favorite was something about how we shouldn’t have bought designer sneakers and McMansions. Anecdote ain’t data, but I can say confidently that I don’t know anyone with a designer sneaker collection. Also, despite being well out of college and acquainted mostly with people from areas where housing is relatively cheap, I know hardly anybody my age who owns their own home, much less a fucking McMansion. Most of them do have color TVs and cell phones, though, and may occasionally eat t-bone steaks.


1 Aug

I need to do more reading to make a definite decision about the debt ceiling compromise,  but one of the arguments I’m seeing around the lefty blogs that are in support of it is that the Medicare trigger is “just” directed at the providers, so we shouldn’t worry. (Or even that this is a victory for Democrats because doctors, drug companies, and hospitals tend to donate toward the Republican party more often).

Um…guys…what do you think will happen when providers aren’t paid? Especially in underserved areas where a larger portion of the population is poor and/or elderly? Some hospitals rely on Medicare to keep their doors open, as do nursing homes. For many providers, it’s not that they are being greedy and refusing to operate without federal funding; it’s that they *can’t.*

Undoubtedly, the Medicare payment system needs reforming, but sudden, unplanned cuts and caps to providers will result in Medicare patients receiving less care and lower-quality care and, most likely, would lead to an increase in the cost of health care for the rest of us. I could be wrong, but that doesn’t sound like a Democratic victory to me.

Look at This Fucking Hipster

18 Jul

version of Justin Bieber.

If you haven’t been paying attention to Shit T&U HAAAAAAATES, that’s the dude from Owl City. Or who is Owl City. Or is the face of Owl City with a bunch of marketing dudes and producers behind him.

Anyway, here his is in a eight-year-old’s bedroom:

Man, that’s a sweet setup. I didn’t know you could get keyboards equipped with autotune. And that fireflies could hug.

Now check this out, from when Owl City was still wearing Baby Jesus Underoos:

Yeah. Look, I’m not all “OMG THEY RIPPED OFF GENIUS.” It took me a long time to warm up to The Postal Service because the artificiality and sweetness of their music didn’t appeal to me. It isn’t anyone’s main gig, UPS and M&M’s have used that song, and Ben Gibbard is banging Zoe Deschanel, so they’re doing fine for themselves.

The thing is that the cloying sterility is part of The Postal Service’s sound. It’s deliberate, and it’s deliberately crafted. Give Up was produced by people recording on tapes and sending those tapes to each other in the mail. Its sound and very existence are, I think, interesting commentaries on music, culture, and technology.

So when a little shit who wants to “bring glory to Jesus Christ” blatantly rips them off, I get a little pissed. I’m sure this is also related to the way that indie rock culture has started to become a marketing tool, and the fact that I’m getting old enough that the stuff of my childhood is being considered kitschy cool by younger people because it’s “retro” (or even “vintage” *shudder*).

I know I’m not special. This is the Circle of Pop Culture. First they came for the blues singers, etc etc etc…still, can I punch him in his tiny, pearly teeth?

Never Sleep. Remember to Breathe Deep

23 May

Yeah, I know, Mountain Goats blah blah blah but this is currently my favorite song.  Holy fuck, it’s good.

Also, I’d like to warn my beloved bloggy friends that if I see any comments about red staters being dumb and voting against their interests with regards to this, there will be murders.  My mother’s co-worker lost her husband a couple of weeks ago in a tornado that touched down near her home in Tennessee.  My hometown was hit by a tornado about 11 years ago, and a lot of people lost their homes and businesses. I grew up about 60 miles west of Joplin and I’ve been there a countless number of times (they’re about 4 times bigger and they had a mall!).

Yes, there are plenty of people concentrated in red states who vote against their own interests and believe really horrible things, but there are also plenty of people who don’t, and who fight against hate and retrofuck attitudes. I’m sure that quite a few victims of this latest tornado believe(d) in anthropogenic global warming. I know (believe me, I KNOW) that it’s fucking frustrating as HELL to see a small minority fuck shit up, but USAians in general are a small minority who have benefited most from fossil fuels and will probably suffer the fewest consequences.

/lecture mode

On the upside, my mother tells me that she’s heard several people who would normally be all “ALGORE is FAT” have made comments about how this weather isn’t normal and maybe there’s something to this whole global warming thing. Maybe the weather these past 6-7 months will change people’s minds before it’s too late.

Failures! All of You!

6 Apr

I forgot to vote. How could you let me forget to vote???

Luckily, it didn’t matter too much. Craycray school board dolphin lady only got 10% of the vote. (Which is still kind of scary, actually).

Oh, Good God

31 Mar

“Wait, there are dinosaur footprints in that park? How did they get there? Why didn’t the rain wash them away?”

How can you have grown up and gone to public school in the 80s and 90s and not know what the fuck a fossil is?

I wonder if they have one of those dinosaur tapes my little brothers always watched up on YouTube…

Oooh, like this one!

On second thought, it’s probably too advanced.

UPDATE: If you do not stop talking about how fat you are and your diet tea, you will know what a fossil is from personal experience.

Because I will turn you into one.

That means I’ll kill you.



UPDATE UPDATE: I know I’m a whiner and this probably gets old. But srsly. Imagine having a young Sarah Palin in your office. Every. Other. Day. Except. Fridays. And. Sometimes. Tuesdays.