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30 Jan

These guys almost make up for Rush. Almost.

I saw them a few years ago, but we were drunk and I think I might have been one of those people. I know I probably wasn’t completely obnoxious, but my memories of that show are slightly tainted by self-consciousness. Which sucks, because a) they’re fucking fantastic live, and b) they’ve broken up. Tis a tragedy.


Well, Then

6 Jun

I HATE  being wrong. Go fuck yourself, Weiner.

It’s not that I’m angry that I believed him; I’m angry that I thought he was actually smart enough not to do something that apocalyptically stupid. It’d be nice to think that someone who is one of the few progressive-ish voices of the Democratic party would possess enough self-control and, like, ethics or something crazy like that not to have “inappropriate communications” (at the very least, because come the fuck on) with hot ladies using his official Twitter account, but I’m not that naive.  But the fact that he’s not canny enough to figure out that sending pictures of his (clothed, at least) junk over fucking yfrog on his public Twitter account in this political climate might be a bad idea is just…fucking sad.

Here’s the video for Monday, because it’s what I’m listening to right this second and it rules so hard: