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History is Made to Seem Unfair

24 Mar

Maine has joined other states in happily skipping down the road to fascism by erasing the role that labor activism has played in the state’s history.

Apparently a mural depicting the history of labor in the, um, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR is offensive; the governor claims that he received many complaints, including a letter from someone who said that the mural made him feel like he was in communist North Korea.

Yup. Looks like something I’d see in North Korea. Not that I have any idea what anything in North Korea actually looks like…

You know what makes me “uncomfortable”? The fact that a few assholes with loud voices and deep pockets can re-write the history of the people of this nation–OUR history.

The 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire is tomorrow. It wouldn’t surprise me if conservatives accused the victims of starting the fire themselves to bring about a communist revolution.

They won’t stop until this country is re-made into the image they want.

Fuck Yeah John Darnielle

10 Mar

This Machine Kills Fascists

10 Mar

This post is for a certain zombie who is having a rough time of it these days. Woody Guthrie’s New Years Rulin’s have cheered me up immensely lately:

I have posted this elsewhere, but it deserves to be posted again:


And if that doesn’t help, here’s a picture of a baby zombie. Awww. I’d totes let him nom me!