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Look at This Fucking Hipster

18 Jul

version of Justin Bieber.

If you haven’t been paying attention to Shit T&U HAAAAAAATES, that’s the dude from Owl City. Or who is Owl City. Or is the face of Owl City with a bunch of marketing dudes and producers behind him.

Anyway, here his is in a eight-year-old’s bedroom:

Man, that’s a sweet setup. I didn’t know you could get keyboards equipped with autotune. And that fireflies could hug.

Now check this out, from when Owl City was still wearing Baby Jesus Underoos:

Yeah. Look, I’m not all “OMG THEY RIPPED OFF GENIUS.” It took me a long time to warm up to The Postal Service because the artificiality and sweetness of their music didn’t appeal to me. It isn’t anyone’s main gig, UPS and M&M’s have used that song, and Ben Gibbard is banging Zoe Deschanel, so they’re doing fine for themselves.

The thing is that the cloying sterility is part of The Postal Service’s sound. It’s deliberate, and it’s deliberately crafted. Give Up was produced by people recording on tapes and sending those tapes to each other in the mail. Its sound and very existence are, I think, interesting commentaries on music, culture, and technology.

So when a little shit who wants to “bring glory to Jesus Christ” blatantly rips them off, I get a little pissed. I’m sure this is also related to the way that indie rock culture has started to become a marketing tool, and the fact that I’m getting old enough that the stuff of my childhood is being considered kitschy cool by younger people because it’s “retro” (or even “vintage” *shudder*).

I know I’m not special. This is the Circle of Pop Culture. First they came for the blues singers, etc etc etc…still, can I punch him in his tiny, pearly teeth?