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Oh, I Didn’t See You There!

10 Jan

Hi, errbody!

I don’t make resolutions (down that path lies failure, disappointment, and self-hatred), but I have promised myself that I’m going to try and do more to bring about self-satisfaction and contentment, even if those things are difficult and/or uncomfortable. In other words, I would like to replace some of the hours per day I spend sleeping, looking at Twitter, and doing crosswords with making things, interacting with other people, and writing.

I am (or perhaps my depression is) astonishingly good at creating excuses not to do shit, even shit that I actually want to do and know would make me happy. I tell myself that the reason I haven’t been updated my poor little blog is that I haven’t had a reliable internet connection for months, but honestly, I probably would have found another reason to neglect it even if I’d had service. After all, “but those smug pig bastards on Angry Birds are smirking at you!” and “masturbation is fun!” and “nobody wants to read your bullshit, anyway!” are all compelling arguments, too.

But, like, so what? All of those things may be true, but it’s also true that writing something, even a little blog post, brings me a sense of accomplishment. It stretches and strengthens the muscles I need to use if I want to make my life’s dream my vocation. It’s something small I can do, even when everything seems impossible.

So, I’m making the commitment to myself and to anyone who does want to read my bullshit to update more. My internet connection still ain’t that great, napping is still awesome, and my writing skills are a little rusty, but I still owe it to myself to do something that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, no matter how small it may be.

In other news, I realized that I’ve never posted a video on this blog featuring the dude who inspired my nym. This is one of my favorite Morrissey songs (it’s close enough to Music Monday, right?):

I just can’t quit you, you quasi-racist vegan bastard.

Companion Song

15 Aug

This is one of those  songs that if you find yourself listening to constantly, shit is probably a little fucked in your life. (This isn’t me, although I have to say that the message of the  song is something that’s slooooowlyyyy sinking in as I work on being a grownup).

It’s a great, simple song, though. Plus, Aimee Mann is hot.


Thank You, My Dears

31 Jul

I really appreciate all of your responses to my last post and I’m putting together something based on your comments. In the meantime, I must share the fact that I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG:

I have mixed feelings about Blake Schwarzenbach, but when the dude is on, he is on. 

[I was going to mention how his lyrics tend to be fucking emo as shit, but that would have required an explanation of original emo vs. whatever the hell people are calling “emo” nowadays. I didn’t really feel like ranting–hard to believe, I know–so I tried to see if the Google machine would provide an explanation, but was totes sidetracked by shit like this. Did you know that KISS stands for “Knights in the Service of Satan” and if you play Black Sabbath rekkids backwards they tell you to sacrifice your dog to the devil? It’s true. Between this shit and Harry Potter, kids these days are totally fucked.]

Listen to This Fucking Cover

13 Jun

(That’s kinda upbeat for the Magnetic Fields, by the way).

I’m sorry to be so neglectful to you, dear blog. I shall be better.

Well, Then

6 Jun

I HATE  being wrong. Go fuck yourself, Weiner.

It’s not that I’m angry that I believed him; I’m angry that I thought he was actually smart enough not to do something that apocalyptically stupid. It’d be nice to think that someone who is one of the few progressive-ish voices of the Democratic party would possess enough self-control and, like, ethics or something crazy like that not to have “inappropriate communications” (at the very least, because come the fuck on) with hot ladies using his official Twitter account, but I’m not that naive.  But the fact that he’s not canny enough to figure out that sending pictures of his (clothed, at least) junk over fucking yfrog on his public Twitter account in this political climate might be a bad idea is just…fucking sad.

Here’s the video for Monday, because it’s what I’m listening to right this second and it rules so hard:

Never Sleep. Remember to Breathe Deep

23 May

Yeah, I know, Mountain Goats blah blah blah but this is currently my favorite song.  Holy fuck, it’s good.

Also, I’d like to warn my beloved bloggy friends that if I see any comments about red staters being dumb and voting against their interests with regards to this, there will be murders.  My mother’s co-worker lost her husband a couple of weeks ago in a tornado that touched down near her home in Tennessee.  My hometown was hit by a tornado about 11 years ago, and a lot of people lost their homes and businesses. I grew up about 60 miles west of Joplin and I’ve been there a countless number of times (they’re about 4 times bigger and they had a mall!).

Yes, there are plenty of people concentrated in red states who vote against their own interests and believe really horrible things, but there are also plenty of people who don’t, and who fight against hate and retrofuck attitudes. I’m sure that quite a few victims of this latest tornado believe(d) in anthropogenic global warming. I know (believe me, I KNOW) that it’s fucking frustrating as HELL to see a small minority fuck shit up, but USAians in general are a small minority who have benefited most from fossil fuels and will probably suffer the fewest consequences.

/lecture mode

On the upside, my mother tells me that she’s heard several people who would normally be all “ALGORE is FAT” have made comments about how this weather isn’t normal and maybe there’s something to this whole global warming thing. Maybe the weather these past 6-7 months will change people’s minds before it’s too late.

Random Song

16 May

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a couple of days…she opened for Morrissey a few years ago. I fucking love that you can hear her St. Louis accent in the song all like “It’s gettin hot in hurrrrrrrrrr” and shit.

Also, check this out. I think it’s good, but too easy. Dropping in on a life like that for a month sucks, but it’s not difficult to put off your car payment when you know you don’t have to have to deal with it being repossessed in a few weeks.  Of course, there’s really no way to experience the grinding stress of poverty unless you’ve lived it; furthermore, this particular simulation (?) involves someone with a college degree, which can be a different experience than being someone who has little education and no experience being part of middle-class society.

Something Filled Up My Heart With Nothing

25 Apr

Things are in my brain aren’t functioning optimally and most of my willpower seems to be devoted toward motivating myself to do something more productive than take naps or watch episodes of Dr. Who I’ve already seen. BUT I did see Arcade Fire on Wednesday, and it. was. amazing.

My favorite performances were of these songs:

Haiti–I didn’t really like this song before I saw it live at their second show (somehow it didn’t even register for me at the first show), but her performance it was so fucking charming that I can’t help but love it now. (Régine Chassagne’s parents emigrated from Haiti to Montreal before she was born–“Mes cousins jamais nes hantent les nuits de Duvalier”).

Rococo–There was a weird battle march-y sound to this song at that show that’s not really apparent here, although the lyric “they’re moving toward you with their colors all the same” makes it pretty clear that if I’m not imagining it, they’re doing it on purpose. This guy thinks it’s a “wake-up call to the ‘Obama Generation,'” and I think he’s dumb and full of shit.

Wake Up–Think of thousands of people singing along with the wordless chorus. Yeah.  Strange as it may sound, I realized that this song that I’d always seen as sort of an anthem for my generation in the abstract (or, at least, people like me in my generation) actually IS ONE.

No Cars Go–This isn’t one of my favorite songs of theirs, but I think the video backdrop, which was designed by Terry Gilliam (along with the rest of the visuals)  is so fucking awesome that I had to include it. It looked better live, of course.

There’s video of the actual Kansas City show up on YouTube, but it, you know, sucks because it’s frome some dude’s phone.  

Although I’m kind of disappointed that I’ll never get to see this band play a tiny club again, I am so glad that they’ve become well-known, both for them, and for people who wouldn’t have been exposed to them otherwise. They’ve gotten me through a lot of shit, and if they can do half as much for other people, then it’s worth it. I guuuuesssss.

These Rivers of Suggestion Are Driving Me Away

18 Apr

No Closer to Any Kind of Truth

13 Apr

There is nothing in my brain, so here’s another video of white boys playing the geetar:

I was never a big fan of Death Cab before this album; I found Gibbards’ lyrics to be cloying and immature a lot of the time.

I fucking love Narrow Stairs, though, and I especially love this song. It’s so expansive and almost feels like it has more structure than it does–it ends like a perfect argument. Plus, it’s about one of my favorite authors and references my favorite book of his. (Most of the time, anyway–sometimes Dr. Sax wins).

I think it’s easy to become obnoxious when writing about someone so iconic (*cough* 10,000 Maniacs *cough*), but it’s mostly a self-conscious look at his unrealistic expectations for creative inspiration or some sort of deep revelation from the spirit of one of his heroes. He feels foolish and defeated when he doesn’t get what he wants, because, vell, Kerouac’s just zis guy, you know?

But, still…he talks to Kerouac like he’s there, and ultimately, they are tied together. Not by some mystical creative force emanating from Kerouac beyond the grave, but by the search for meaning, even when they know it’s impossible to find.