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I Don’t Get It

10 Feb

Just…wut? I can’t put my finger on why right this second, but this column gives me the serious creeps. Part of it is probably the fact that he talks about “Sugar Bear’s” mother being a “mentally ill prostitute” when she was a victim of incest–er, oh, sorry, I mean “having had a sexual relationship” with her father.  Actually, maybe that’s exactly the reason, though I’m sure I will realize there are more once I recover from the effects of the cider I’ve consumed.

George Will is a creepy ass creepy creeper creep. Ew.

Walk It Off, Bitches

1 Feb

NPR has been talking a lot about how ketamine (or, more likely, drugs with a similar chemical profile) could be used to treat people with crisis-level depression. There have been limited studies, but apparently the drug has an immediate effect in a large number of depressed patients, even those who have treatment-resistant depression.  The upshot of all of this is this is that doctors could have a way of treating suicidal patients immediately instead of admitting them to a psych ward until one of the current anti-depressants kicks in and/or the feelings that caused the crisis passed.

I was pretty excited to hear all of this for a variety of reasons, but especially because I have treatment-resistant depression and it’s nice to have another tool in the toolbox–those SSRIs are fucking rusty and kinda janky and have all sorts of TMI side effects. I was also relieved that the reports I heard were without all the condescension and ignorance and ableism that often dominates discussions of depression, although the Talk of the Nation show  had a member of the Exercise and Eat Right brigade call in. Because the solution to thinking that you’re an utter piece of shit and that your life is so miserable that you’d be better off dead is to take a fucking jog. I was glad to hear Neal Conan basically laugh at him and tell him that the studies supporting exercise for depression were for people with mild or moderate depression, not people who come to the ER wanting to or having attempted to off themselves.

I have been intending for some time to write a post  about the dismissive, obnoxious, and potentially dangerous shit that non-depressives say about depression, so right now I’ll just briefly address HOW MUCH THIS SHIT PISSES ME OFF.  I know that the “I know better about your life than you do” thing certainly isn’t isolated to depressives and tends to compound based on relative privilege, but it’s been one of the biggest factors for me in the spirals of shame and self-blame that lead to thoughts of suicide and self-harm.

These days, I’m less inclined to take what clueless assholes say to heart, although it still infuriates me. Mr. Exercise and Eat Right probably did nothing other than demonstrate that he is a dumbshit with the listening skills of a kindergartener.  But it goes to show that even the simplest, least fraught discussions of depression still result in opinion-havers having opinions that they feel the need to share with the rest of us, despite how dumb and harmful they may be. Which I suppose is a privilege of being American, but goddamn, that shit has got to stop.

Debate Genius Doesn’t Understand the Concept of the First Amendment

24 Jan

Newt Gingrich is a free speech crusader and a defender of downtrodden academics, business leaders, and ambassadors.  He is willing to sacrifice precious time he’d spend making well-reasoned arguments such as “Obama is a food stamp president” on national television to allow grown adults to clap whenever they damn well please. Do you know what a sacrifice this is for an egotistical blowhard articulate debater like Speaker Ginrich?

He is such an inspiration that I’m going to yell and applaud at inappropriate times during a  movie and I won’t “allow” anyone to ask me to stop. The movie theaters don’t control free speech!

Also, Too, Hillary Clinton Is a Mad Bitch

18 Jan

Shorter Dana Milbank: Girls are silly (and they probably have cooties).

The headline + his bloated, creepy visage = T&U saying “UGH” very loudly over her morning coffee and initially closing the tab in unmitigated disgust.

Your False Equivalency Orgy of the Day

10 Jan

Some dude from The Weekly Standard and another guy from the Washington Post discuss the value of political fact checking on Talk of the Nation. The highlight comes from the Weekly Standard dude who is, like, all anti-fact checking and shit:

HEMINGWAY: Well, there’s a number of reasons why I arrived at that conclusion. One of the facts I pointed out in the piece was that the University of Minnesota School of Public Affairs had actually done a survey of PolitiFact, and they evaluated all 500 statements that PolitiFact had rated from January of 2010 to January of 2011.

And they found that of the 98 statements that PolitiFact had rated false, 74 of them were by Republicans. Now, I can think of a number of reasons why you might cite one party over the other more, in terms of, you know, who was telling the truth and who wasn’t. But doing that at a rate of three to one strikes me as awfully suspicious, particularly when, if you delve into the specifics of the statements that they cited, there’s all kinds of problematic things contained there, whereas they are, you know, like you’re mentioned, they’re often fact-checking opinions and providing counter-arguments to, you know, stated opinions.

Huh. Well, Mark, maybe the problem isn’t the fact-checking methodology, but the fact that YOUR PARTY FUCKING LIES ALL THE FUCKING TIME???

Of course, this is the same dude who later said that Sarah Palin’s claim of death panels wasn’t technically a lie, so I think it’s clear that he technically lives in a different universe than the rest of us.

I Fucking Love StoryCorps

20 May

Even if it does make me cry while I’m putting on my mascara.

Come On, Geniuses!

11 Mar

We are smart/snarky/slightly cruel people. We can figure out a way to beat Sex Tape Machine and A___y B______t at their own games.

/avoiding the real news

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

2 Mar


I find this ironic not only because Beck’s followers are CLEARLY useful idiots, but also because Glennie is one, too.

Dude is rich, but he’s really nothing more than a circus clown to distract us from the OLIGARHY. The fucking real one.

Note to Self

28 Feb

If you were once known for your big tits, you will always be known for your big tits, even when you’re 89 years old. And dead.

Because AOL is Relevant

7 Feb

AOL has agreed to acquire The Huffington Post and make Arianna Huffington the editor-in-chief over all content.

Cue wingnut tantrum-throwing and complaints about media bias in 5…4…3…fuck! I guess evil never sleeps.

AOL is going to lose all of 7 customers over this.

Update:  Moar! Moar!