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Thank You, My Dears

31 Jul

I really appreciate all of your responses to my last post and I’m putting together something based on your comments. In the meantime, I must share the fact that I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG:

I have mixed feelings about Blake Schwarzenbach, but when the dude is on, he is on. 

[I was going to mention how his lyrics tend to be fucking emo as shit, but that would have required an explanation of original emo vs. whatever the hell people are calling “emo” nowadays. I didn’t really feel like ranting–hard to believe, I know–so I tried to see if the Google machine would provide an explanation, but was totes sidetracked by shit like this. Did you know that KISS stands for “Knights in the Service of Satan” and if you play Black Sabbath rekkids backwards they tell you to sacrifice your dog to the devil? It’s true. Between this shit and Harry Potter, kids these days are totally fucked.]