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What’s the Complete Opposite of Being Surprised?

24 Jun

Because that’s what I feel right now.

I’d like to pat 2008 T&U on the head condescendingly for voting for Obama in the primary mostly because she believed he was more interested in protecting civil liberties and less of a hawk than Clinton, because (not to be all OBAMA=BUSH!11!!!11!!!!1111!!!) it really didn’t fucking matter.


24 Feb

I’ve been trying to write a post about unions and some other shit I’ve already forgotten about for days now, but my brain only seems to be capable of forming bon mots and innuendo, so I’m going to link to an appalling column by a douchebag and discuss his douchiness.

Money shot:

Yes, I know it’s meddling in another country’s “internal affairs,” and a strike against the Libyan Air Force may be considered an act of war in some lawyers’ offices.  But if we did those things we’d save a lot of innocent lives and enhance our chances of being more effective in the future.

Actually, I don’t think there’s much else to say besides “He’s a douche.”

Also, I want to settle this here and now. My hands are quite dainty. Look how small my right one is compared to my head:

So there.


Because I am a giver:


22 Feb

Revelations that Raymond Davis, the American jailed in Pakistan for shooting two men, was secretly working for the CIA is endangering relations between the intelligence agencies of the two countries.

Yup, not only do “diplomats” shoot dudes five times in the back, they also work for the CIA and Xe.

Are we deliberately trying to get all those Muslins over there to hate our freedumb?