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Two Big Problems That I’ve Never Had

28 Mar

Anybody who knows my musical tastes that it would be out-of-character for me to post a Dag Nasty video on a Monday morning, but I’ve decided to make this my theme song of the week:

I’m not the world’s biggest hardcore fan, but they’re a lot more melodic and a lot less yell-y than some of those other guys.

Also, two things that I must have (OMG SUCH A STEREOTYPE OF MYSELF):


“In the Library” perfume (non-perfume?) by CB I Hate Perfume. I’m not sure it will actually have the book smell that I, personally, love. However, I’d guess that not many people  love the particular smell of decaying paper and book bindings from those plain mid-century books that you see housing journals and the classics that didn’t need all that fancy-ass shit like fucking movie posters and vampires on the front of them.

ZOMG. I think my favorite is the Fifth Doctor’s little teeny celery boutonnière, although the Tenth Doctor’s little Converse are pretty freaking cute, too. I’ve been meaning to learn how to cross-stitch (it can’t be that hard, even for an idiot like me) because I love Charley Harper and he has some awesome patterns. Now I have even more of a reason.

By the way, does anybody else find it sad that all Christopher Eccleston got was a lame-ass leather jacket? The bastards couldn’t have at least given him a hat or something? Hmph.