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Okay, Now Y’all Are Just Fucking with Me

12 Apr

“cankle porn pics”?

I shan’t be back!

If You’d Like, I Can Also Take a Picture of the Navel I’ve Been Gazing at All Day

6 Apr

I realized I haven’t made a cankle update in FOREVER and since I KNOW that people are FASCINATED by it, I thought I would do so.

I’m Mostly Normal. I have some occasional pain, some swelling, and kickass scars. I haven’t started wearing high heels over a half-inch or so for any length of time yet.

As you can see from my picture taken with my camera phone and edited in MS Paint, Cankle is still larger than Non-Cankle, and lacks some of the boniness it had prior to being broken into bits.

There is a stitch still embedded in my skin that I can’t get out. My OCD does not like this at all.

Disappointingly, this one doesn’t look quite as awesome as it is in real life. First of all, it’s three inches long (TWSS) and second of all, it’s sort of situated in this weird dent between my outside plate and my Achilles tendon, which feels reeeeallllyyy weird.  This is the scar that I would not have had if I wasn’t stupid enough to try and use my crutches to go to the bathroom after drinking half a bottle of wine and taking a few (low-dose!) Vicodin. *shudder* That hurt more than the initial accident.

The good thing is that my range of motion is pretty much back to normal, and I’m at about 90% of my strength (my calf atrophied like you would NOT believe). I wish I’d done a better job of documenting it, because it was kind of fucking cool. Then again, it’s apparent that my photography skills are sub-par and my paleness is so intense that it basically reflects the flash and makes up-close pictures all shiny and weird.

Incidentally, I have $32,000 worth of hardware up in this bitch. Imma pawn it and pay off (some of) my student loans!

Quick Thought

8 Mar

(for about the tenth time since Friday)

“FUCK! OW! I really need to move that kitty condo.”



Caught My Dad Cryin’

28 Feb

This video a) makes me motion sick, and b) is so 90s indie rock I CAN’T EVEN TAKE IT.

I missed their reunion tour due to Canklegate 2010, but I did see them right before they broke up in 1999.  Bob Nastanovich (the dude with the maracas) offered me a “job walking horses”.  I declined, not because I picked up on the fact that he wanted me to walk his horse, but because I was moving.  Now I’m glad because there’s something sad about losing your virginity to the percussionist from Pavement.

My Cankle is a Barometer

21 Feb

It is rainy and gloomy and I ache like an old lady. It’s the height of injustice that I, a public sector employee, do not have Presidents’ Day off.

In other news, it’s also Monday, and time for some moosic.

I’m quite certain this won’t be the last Mountain Goats song I’ll post.