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Something Filled Up My Heart With Nothing

25 Apr

Things are in my brain aren’t functioning optimally and most of my willpower seems to be devoted toward motivating myself to do something more productive than take naps or watch episodes of Dr. Who I’ve already seen. BUT I did see Arcade Fire on Wednesday, and it. was. amazing.

My favorite performances were of these songs:

Haiti–I didn’t really like this song before I saw it live at their second show (somehow it didn’t even register for me at the first show), but her performance it was so fucking charming that I can’t help but love it now. (Régine Chassagne’s parents emigrated from Haiti to Montreal before she was born–“Mes cousins jamais nes hantent les nuits de Duvalier”).

Rococo–There was a weird battle march-y sound to this song at that show that’s not really apparent here, although the lyric “they’re moving toward you with their colors all the same” makes it pretty clear that if I’m not imagining it, they’re doing it on purpose. This guy thinks it’s a “wake-up call to the ‘Obama Generation,'” and I think he’s dumb and full of shit.

Wake Up–Think of thousands of people singing along with the wordless chorus. Yeah.  Strange as it may sound, I realized that this song that I’d always seen as sort of an anthem for my generation in the abstract (or, at least, people like me in my generation) actually IS ONE.

No Cars Go–This isn’t one of my favorite songs of theirs, but I think the video backdrop, which was designed by Terry Gilliam (along with the rest of the visuals)  is so fucking awesome that I had to include it. It looked better live, of course.

There’s video of the actual Kansas City show up on YouTube, but it, you know, sucks because it’s frome some dude’s phone.  

Although I’m kind of disappointed that I’ll never get to see this band play a tiny club again, I am so glad that they’ve become well-known, both for them, and for people who wouldn’t have been exposed to them otherwise. They’ve gotten me through a lot of shit, and if they can do half as much for other people, then it’s worth it. I guuuuesssss.

Tardy Tuesday

15 Feb


Ahem. Anyway, because I have been very bad and haven’t posted in a while and totes missed Music Monday, I have TWO VIDEOS FUCK YEAH.

The first is this one (I kinda want to have this guy’s indie mullet babies):

The second is an Arcade Fire song (actually, the first song on their first record). I already have a song of theirs up on my About page, but THEY FUCKING WON A FUCKING GRAMMY MOTHERFUCKERS*. I’m as proud of them as a fan can possibly be.

I saw them in a tiny club when their first record came out and they were performing with David Bowie just a few months later.  I often say this, but it’s very true–they are the band that best captures what it’s like to be who I am during this time in my life, and I feel like I’ve grown up with them to some extent.

*I can not believe that unknown artists will earn a world-renowned artists like justin and lady gaga for that reason cease to believe in the legality of prizes

UPDATE! Tawny Kitaen weighs in.  She’s just jealous they didn’t invite her to be in any of their videos.