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A Sorry-Ass Excuse for a Man

10 Apr

Today I was witness to a lovely display of public abuse by some douchebag who thought it was totes acceptable to yell at his wife in line at the store because he called her cell phone “three fucking times and you never answered it, but here you come around the corner with the fucking thing in your hand. Sorry-ass fucking excuse for a wife.”

Yeah. So, she looked absolutely humiliated, of course, because the only thing worse than someone treating you like that is someone treating you like that in public and thinking that everyone is judging you for “putting up with” that kind of shit.  They had three young children with them, and the oldest was a girl who looked to be about 10 or 11 and was already dead-eyed.  I hate to think about what happens in private.

I wanted to say or do something that would at least show the children that other adults aren’t okay with this behavior, and that it’s not something he should be able to get away with, but I also didn’t want to put myself at risk or give him a reason to abuse his family later.  (I absolutely believe he was the kind of asshole who would blame his wife for “making him” abuse her in public and “getting him” into trouble).

In a way, I almost feel like I have a debt to make up for not acting, though.