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This Was My Jam

7 Feb

I’m not the world’s hugest Screaming Trees fan, and I’ve never really liked Queens of the Stone Age, but Mark Lanegan’s voice is fucking awesome. Also, PJ Harvey provided the original backing vocals to this song, making it doubly awesome.


30 Jan

These guys almost make up for Rush. Almost.

I saw them a few years ago, but we were drunk and I think I might have been one of those people. I know I probably wasn’t completely obnoxious, but my memories of that show are slightly tainted by self-consciousness. Which sucks, because a) they’re fucking fantastic live, and b) they’ve broken up. Tis a tragedy.


Male/Female Breakup Duets Featuring Self-Entitled Douches

23 Jan

Is this a genre? If it is, it’s one of my favorites.

A classic:


I’m pretty sure this is a tribute to “Don’t You Want Me” (also, related videos with Zooey Deschanel with her finger in her mouth=gross):


And my new favorite, featuring naked painting Australian Peter Gabriel voice guy whose name I can never remember to pronounce correctly:


I’m sure there are others, especially outside of my narrow range of taste.

The Best Ever

16 Jan

A video of two really awesome songwriters singing together, one of whom is a drunk John Darnielle:

In other news, I cooked a giant (hazelnut-finished!) pork chop with apples, mashed potatoes, and collard greens for dinner, with a fudgesicle for dessert. And I feel great.

I Listen to This Song Turned Up to Eleven

14 Nov

The best thing about Twilight Sad is the wall of *sound* they throw at you. And the Scottish accent.*

Too bad the video is terribly dull.

*Update: Also, their creepy album art, too.

The Pause Feels Like an Extra Year of High School

22 Aug

I listened to the record this song is on this weekend for the first time in a while. Holy fuck, John K. Samson is a good lyricist. I’ve heard this song a jillion times and it still makes me teary-eyed, especially since Virtute makes an appearance on their previous album. (Yes, I am a Cat Lady).

In other news, I have become a Featured Blogger at Indie Posit, which is a pretty sweet combination of a blog, RSS aggregator, and social media thingy for small blogs. I suppose this means I’ll have to step up my game and post more. And maybe stop using words like “thingy.” Thanks, Mike!

Companion Song

15 Aug

This is one of those  songs that if you find yourself listening to constantly, shit is probably a little fucked in your life. (This isn’t me, although I have to say that the message of the  song is something that’s slooooowlyyyy sinking in as I work on being a grownup).

It’s a great, simple song, though. Plus, Aimee Mann is hot.


Here’s Your Future

8 Aug


Also, too



1 Aug


I think my favorite part is when the cat mugs Jon Wurster with a knife, but him punching the bouncer in the junk is pretty great, too.

You Take the Skyway

25 Jul

I listened to this album twice this weekend. I think I probably should’ve listened a third time.