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So Stoked

17 Sep

So far, Elizabeth Warren seems to have flown under the wingnut radar fairly well despite the fact that she was accused of being a liar on the House floor a few months ago and clearly had/has a lot more influence than Francis Fox Piven. But I think that’s going to change. While Scott Brown has been a disappointment to wingnuts, I think they’ll be eager to protect his seat, especially from a staunch working/middle class rights advocate like Warren. She is not afraid of speaking some ugly truths about our economy and society, which terrifies them. (The dumb ones hate to see their reality shaken, and the smart ones know that a pissed off, informed electorate is dangerous to the right wing). Anyway, is it wrong that I’m looking forward to seeing how the wingnut bloggers lose their shit once they find out more about her?


1 Aug

I need to do more reading to make a definite decision about the debt ceiling compromise,  but one of the arguments I’m seeing around the lefty blogs that are in support of it is that the Medicare trigger is “just” directed at the providers, so we shouldn’t worry. (Or even that this is a victory for Democrats because doctors, drug companies, and hospitals tend to donate toward the Republican party more often).

Um…guys…what do you think will happen when providers aren’t paid? Especially in underserved areas where a larger portion of the population is poor and/or elderly? Some hospitals rely on Medicare to keep their doors open, as do nursing homes. For many providers, it’s not that they are being greedy and refusing to operate without federal funding; it’s that they *can’t.*

Undoubtedly, the Medicare payment system needs reforming, but sudden, unplanned cuts and caps to providers will result in Medicare patients receiving less care and lower-quality care and, most likely, would lead to an increase in the cost of health care for the rest of us. I could be wrong, but that doesn’t sound like a Democratic victory to me.

I Give Up

18 Apr

Y’all can stop fighting over who’s going to take me to Atlas Shrugged Part One the First Part because Ed’s review told me everything I needed to know.* It sounds horribly painful. And not in a fun way.

Scoregasm called it with the comparison to Battlefield Earth, although this movie is clearly worse. Obviously, I am not tough enough for it, as I was incapable of watching Battlefield Earth for more than twenty minutes before I had to turn it off for fear that I would have a brain aneurysm. And that shit was in space. I fucking love space!

I don’t think it’s even worth watching in hopes that I can make hilarious (to me) jokes about it. I can already tell that it is so mind-suckingly awful that it would be like wading into Freeperville, and only the best alchemists can turn that kind of shit into comedic gold (see also and also, too). Needless to say, I am not one of them, and if turning thirty has taught me anything, it’s to accept my limitations. I sadly admit defeat.

*No need to thank me for the immense amount of traffic my blog will provide, Ed. No, really. The pleasure’s mine.

TANGENTIALLY RELATED UPDATE: I hate people who take a dump in a public restroom and don’t have the courtesy to stick around for ten seconds and take the responsibility for a second (or third) flush when it’s needed. Nobody wants to see your fecal leavings. WHO IS JOHN GALT?

Correcting the Smut Clyde (On Another Blog)

30 Mar

Dear Mr. Clyde,

This is to inform you that you are wrong about xkcd and trebuchets.

Yours truly,

Truculent A. Unreliable, MA, CPSA

Mommy, Why Do You Drink?

20 Mar

Well, Woad, when a woman hates herself, it’s called internalized misogyny. She has to do something to make the pain go away, and sometimes drinking Franzia straight from the spout is the only way to do it.  Now go tell that hippie to get his baseball off my fucking lawn.

You Can’t Build a Blogging Empire This Way

6 Mar

Oh man, if I’m trying to be on track to be the World’s Most Famous Blogger EVAR, I am already failing.

Actually, I’m not, but I’d still like to be productive.

The problem is that the news is depressing the hell out of me. Most of the time, the only reaction I have to Republican stupidity and the collapse of our society in general is AAAAARRRRRRRG BLARRRRRG. And when I do have something to say, I lose steam quickly because it doesn’t seem like it’s even worth the emotional effort.  Especially when smarter and better writers have already written something brilliant and I feel like I’m just treading old ground. And lately I’ve been all, “WHAR’S MY FUNNY?” because she is a fickle bitch who comes and goes (for me, anyway), so even vaguely amusing posts about various bullshit seem to be out.

So that leaves outfit blogging and cat blogging. Both of which a) require a decent camera, and b) are boring as shit, at least for an extended period of time.


And, just because I love this song:


It’s a Good Thing for Hindy You Don’t Have to Think to Breathe

19 Feb

The mango so you don’t have to leave the boat and behold the ugliest place on the web (besides Col. Mustard’s place, maybe):

A reader asks a good question about news coverage of events in Wisconsin:

BTW…in no MSM coverage I have seen is there ANY note that the crowd is “predominantly white”…. Why is that?

Heh. We all remember how liberal news coverage of tea party rallies rarely failed to note that they were “predominantly white.” Somehow, that is no longer a salient fact when the same outlets cover illegal sick-outs by Wisconsin teachers. Why would that be?

Obviously, I’m just kidding, as was our reader. We all know the answer.

Yeah, we do.

The stupid. It hurts.


Because AOL is Relevant

7 Feb

AOL has agreed to acquire The Huffington Post and make Arianna Huffington the editor-in-chief over all content.

Cue wingnut tantrum-throwing and complaints about media bias in 5…4…3…fuck! I guess evil never sleeps.

AOL is going to lose all of 7 customers over this.

Update:  Moar! Moar!