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Failures! All of You!

6 Apr

I forgot to vote. How could you let me forget to vote???

Luckily, it didn’t matter too much. Craycray school board dolphin lady only got 10% of the vote. (Which is still kind of scary, actually).

Straight from the No Shit Files

28 Feb

The Republicans’ proposal to cut federal spending could cost a lot of jobs. A lot.

I’m still confused by the idea that government jobs aren’t actually jobs and that government workers don’t contribute to the economy like private sector workers do.

People who work in the public sector:

1. fucking pay fucking taxes;

2. use the same services as private sector employees, and


Furthermore, cutting government funding has a ripple effect on the entire economy. Institutions in the public sector buy office supplies, lab equipment, computers, copiers, plane tickets, and all sorts of other shit that private businesses buy.  Institutions utilize private contractors in a variety of ways–to fill their vending machines, build and remodel their buildings, conduct audits, et fucking cetera.

It is the height of stupidity and/or mendacity to insist that government jobs contribute nothing to the economy, and I can guarantee that teachers contribute more to society as a whole than any investment banker.


22 Feb

Revelations that Raymond Davis, the American jailed in Pakistan for shooting two men, was secretly working for the CIA is endangering relations between the intelligence agencies of the two countries.

Yup, not only do “diplomats” shoot dudes five times in the back, they also work for the CIA and Xe.

Are we deliberately trying to get all those Muslins over there to hate our freedumb?