Cheney’s Even Creepier Than Usual

11 Feb

Is it just me, or does Cheney look younger in this than he even did a few months ago?

I have to say that I’m pretty damned amused at his being called out at CPAC, though.

11 Responses to “Cheney’s Even Creepier Than Usual”

  1. M. Bouffant at 00:53 #

    Oh, he looks great now, but he’s turning into a skeleton before our eyes.

  2. Another Kiwi at 01:34 #

    What happened to the supply of monkey kidneys

  3. It’s always dawnest before the dark. COME ON DARK.

  4. pedestrian at 10:27 #

    It’s the all-puppy diet. Puppies carry the elixir of youth in their tender little spinal columns.

  5. jim at 11:51 #


    He just doean’t look right to me without taking a big ol’ pie right in the puss.

  6. bbkf at 13:32 #

    dick has shed some weight and looks amazingly young…say, just what is in those rightsize smoothies?!

  7. One of the few national politicians with lower popularity ratings than Dubya’s.

    Perfect for CPAC.

  8. B^4 at 18:03 #

    He’s been mainlining cells from his daughter’s kid.

  9. If you listen closely, you can hear someone say “must be a Canadian.”

  10. OT – I couldn’t help myself from stealing your troll’s gravatar image. Apologies for teh blogwhoring but this was the result.

  11. Larkspur at 21:36 #

    Oh, honey. You know what you’ve done now, don’t you? You have created a blog, and posted entries daily, except for now you haven’t. So I worry. This blog business, it is a heavy burden, yes? This is why I do not have one.

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